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Tooth – Unknown cause of Gum pain.

Tooth Pain

Unknown cause of Tooth Gum pain.

Tooth or teeth does not matter because the pain for one teeth cause the same pain for the other tooth.

Do you know floss and tooth picks. If you cannot miss them after food to pick the remain of smaller food in between your teeth it means that you are already addicted to it.

In my own experience I have many experiences with these teeth gadgets. Every time I used to slowly removed the small lump of food remains between some of the tooth after food. Of course it feels comfortable after they are removed.

Tooth Floss help

flossIn some cases I use floss and other brush. Normally I have no idea about what will happen after a longer practice or hobbit of doing this.

I do brush my teeth twice daily in the morning and in the evening.

Previously I did visit the dentist to remove my tooth plaque. He cleaned the tooth cavity and filled up some of the cavity of tooth decay part.

Then my own way of sensing my teeth health is using my tongue. I used to slide my tongue over all my teeth, I can detect the gaps of every teeth.

Beware of Toothpicks.

Tooth pickSome tooth pick may be poisonous. It happens to me one time after my lunch I picked a tooth pick on the table and started to use it. After few minutes I felt my lip becoming numb and my gum too. The felling is exactly like being injected with substance before you pull out your teeth in the clinic.

So I went to a medical clinic and was informed that I am allergic to something and I knew it myself. I was given some medication.

Tongue assist for removing food remains between the teeth

Whenever I feel there is a gap I push my tongue in between. The same thing happens when I detect or sense that a plaque formation I slide over it.

After doing this for sometimes I get painful teeth. My tooth nerve pain makes me uncomfortable day and night. One at the time especially that affects my wisdom teeth, molars, premolar and the canine teeth.

I do not have any teeth decay because i have my bad teeth crowned after the cavity repaired.

Visit The Dentist for Tooth Pain

Tooth PainI went to the dentist to check them and pull off the painful one but the doctor said the teeth are all ok except the gum is swelling. So he did not pull it instead he gave antibiotic Chlorhexidine Gluconate for mouth wash.

The discomfort slowly diminishes and I feel good.  But then when chew some food especially the hard one I feel the pain again and then I switch to use the other teeth on the other side.

This may be the real causes.

I read on WebMD website and there are many causes of this pain.

The first is due to some diseases. I have been diagnosed to have diabetes and just been given a package of the medication kombiglyze and followed by having a little higher than normal blood cholesterol.

Age really does matter with Diabetes and high cholesterol. I am at 59 years old and that may be the caring age towards golden age.

People may ask “ is tooth extraction painful”?. Yes it is painful I don’t want to lose my tooth.

I share these for the benefit of those who never know about the root cause of tooth gum pain.

Painless ways to keep your teeth clean.

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