Golf Ball Finder Professional Lenses Glasses

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golf finding glasses,Golf Ball Finder Professional Lenses Glasses,Sports Sunglasses Fit for Running Golf Driving,ship with case

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golf finding glasses, Golf Ball Finder Professional Lenses Glasses, Sports Sunglasses Fit for Running Golf Driving, ship with a case


NY Times journalist Bill Pennington estimates American’s alone lose 300 million golf balls per year at an estimated cost of $1.2 billion dollars! If you lose just 2 balls per round and only play 3 times per month then you’re losing around $288 of golf balls every year.
These glasses use a special blue lens to turn everything on the course blue except your lost golf balls, which appear radiantly white. Spot your lost balls in bunkers, over-growth, and the rough with ease.
But the real value in the glasses comes from how many lost golf balls from other players you’re going to find. Never buy another golf ball again.
✓ Turn everything blue except your ball which “pops out” in bright white.
✓ Works with all golf balls. No “special” balls required.
✓ Find balls in grass, sand, rough, over-growth, and even shallow water.

Product description

Features :

Blocks out the majority of unwanted light, easy to find the ball

Flexible, lightweight, and comfortable

UVA, UVB & UVC protection


Specification :

Name: Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Material: PC(Polycarbonate)


Color: Blue

UV resistance: 400

Visible light transmittance: 99%


Package includes :

1 x Glasses

1 x Glasses box

1 x Cleaning cloth


  • Brand Name: FREESHION


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