Tooth Alignment

What is Tooth care?

Tooth extraction care is not only brushing and washing your teeth daily. You need to look at many aspects of keeping your teeth healthy and look beautiful. Just brushing your teeth may temporarily remove bad odor from your mouth. Your teeth gaps and holes will not want to lose out by retaining residual food and bacteria growth and produce bad mouth smell.

You need to train your teeth to grow in inline nicely just like the army line up to prepare for a parade. Having a tooth look different than the others or having missing teeth is shameful when you smile.

So you need some kind of retainers to make them discipline in one line without gaps.

Things to consider

When you don’t regularly take good care of your teeth and mouth, you could experience the following problems.

  • Cavities. Cavities are caused by tooth decay. Your teeth can decay when you don’t brush and floss them regularly to get leftover food off of them. If left untreated, cavities can cause tooth pain, can cause your tooth to become infected, and can even lead to tooth loss.
  • Gum disease. Gum disease happens when plaque collects along your gum line. Gum disease is an infection of the tissue that supports your teeth. It can cause teeth to become loose over time. There is also evidence that gum disease is related to heart disease. Experts aren’t sure if gum disease makes you more likely to have heart disease or vice versa.
  • Oral cancer. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and alcohol can increase your risk for oral cancer (cancer in your mouth). Poor oral hygiene alone may not increase the risk of oral cancer. When you combine it with any other risk factor, though, it dramatically boosts your chances of getting cancer.
  • Poor self-esteem. When your teeth aren’t clean, you have bad breath. Bad breath can make you feel uncomfortable at work, school, and social situations. This can make you reluctant to participate. Longtime poor oral health can result in tooth loss, which can make you smile less. All of these things can damage your self-esteem, or how you see yourself.

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