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Organic Milk Benefit for Adult

Organic milk has many benefits that all mammals (human and animal) drink. What I emphasize briefly here is for humans only. Most of us (in particular older adults) may not have grown up on a farm drinking it and for most of us, we go to the store to purchase milk that is from the dairy farm. There are many organic milk benefits for adults and children and many of us may not realize it.

Benefits of Organic Milk for Your Child

(1) It normally lasts longer. Many believe that organic milk lasts up to 4 weeks versus 1 week with conventional milk. This is because the processing of organic milk differs due to the gap between the distances and distribution time of the milk. The process has to through Ultra High Temperature (UHT for short) which kills dangerous bacteria and will make the milk a little sweet.

Milk is expensive especially with children who need it for growth and feed. Choosing organic milk for children is a good alternative for saving because the durability of organic milk is longer than ordinary milk.Benefit

(2) Free of antibiotics. Most organic farms are guided not to use any antibiotics in the animal feeds but instead use homeopathic and herbal techniques. No antibiotics mean a cleaner end product and residual effects of using antibiotics in conventional “nonorganic” milk are still unknown.

(3) No residual pesticide exposure. The field that the cattle feed on has no weedicides and this guarantees the animals feed is free from any weedkillers and even pesticides. No pesticides and residual weedkillers mean healthier milk for your child.

(4) Higher Omega 3 content. Intake for Omega 3 varies from birth to adult. Adequate intake for a child from birth to 6 months is 0.5g for both males and females. From the age of 19 years onward the adequate intake increase to 1.1g for both sexes. Many of us are unaware that Omega 3 is a fatty acid with critical fats to help brain development in children. Both conventional and organic milk types are excellent sources of “good fats” nut organic milk contains higher levels of these fats.

Where can you get organic milk?

With the current trend of “organic” gaining huge popularity, organic products are becoming more and more available. You can get organic milk at your local health food store, shopping cold storage, convenient store, and supermarket.

What is the Organic Milk brand near you?

This is a decision that is up to you as this can be a little more expensive than the conventional pasteurized dairy products. In Malaysia, one of the brands is called C2Joy and in Indonesia too. This product contains Colostrum a liquid produced before milk production after giving birth. Its everything for growing animals including humans that need better growth and health. It is your choice of budget and health. The company that reproduced this product has produced over 2 million boxes for the Malaysian market as of July 2020. 👉👉GET THE PRODUCT HERE AT RM120/BOX THAT CONTAIN 25 SACHETS. Testimonies of C2Joy are available as well. Mor information about 👉👉C2Joy HERE.


Organic Milk C2joy


Contain: Bovine colostrum that strengthen your immune system and help your body fight disease-causing agents. The immune-boosting effects of colostrum are mostly due to its high concentration of the antibodies IgA and IgG. Antibodies are proteins that fight viruses and bacteria