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Hazard on the road – 11 Man-Made hazards for Drivers.

What are Hazard on the road

road imageHazard on the road exist on road surfaces , side and in front. Some are natural while most of the are man-made hazards. Normally hazards sign are indicated depending on the type of hazard (steep road, slippery road, accident prone) on signboard when the condition always poses some accident.

When you are taking a trip for a desired destination do take note that you need to do some sort of study for the road such as the current condition and even take an option for another way or road destination.

This strategy normally called safe journey or trip and journey management.

 Natural hazard are due to weather pattern that changes the road condition on the surface.

Taking for example slippery road surfaces due to rain, falling twig or branches on the road due to wind, stagnant water due to road surface pot hole and even sinking holes. These are some of the conditions that make the dangerous road especially true for country side road.  

The unnatural ones are more related to man-made activities as described below as 10 most common ones.

11 Man Made Hazard.

  1. Road Under Construction

Whenever there is any road construction there tend to be some road signage onsite or the surrounding warning road users about some activities and hazards. But however not all drivers are mindful to read those sign posted. They themselves are the additional hazard.

Falling objects, bottle neck access, debris, broken materials, sharp material on the surface and uneven surface are very common hazard.

  1. Road Side Flowers are there posing a visual hazard or beauty.

Almost all city councils want to beautify the city road by planting beautiful flowers at the road junction, dividers and along the stretch of the road. But when these flowers grow tall they form some kind of wall that block the small car driver’s views of passing vehicles.

Making a U turn, want to cross the road to the opposite road, and want to overtake the vehicle. Those flowers are the road junction really blocks drivers view of incoming vehicles. Some flowers are trimmed but still pose as block your vision.

  1. Road image-HazardRoad side planted trees

The trees are good for the road. It provides shades and makes it cool for drivers.

The danger is when the rotten twig drop on the road, uprooted tree due to heavy wind, broken branches and uneven road surface due to the root.  Some roads put on hazard signs and most roads don’t.

  1. Un maintained Road

Country side road or rural roads are normally not maintained well or regularly maintain. The road surface than have many holes, twigs; unknown materials and even wild animals are seen crossing the roads.

  1. Oil Spill on road surface

When a lorry or truck overturns on the road they spill Oil on road surfaces Soil making it really slippery for all vehicles using the road. Sometimes when there is accident oil are spill over onto the surface of the road.

  1. Stone drop from lorry

When you drive behind any Lorries or trucks that are loaded with sand, stones and other materials make sure that you keep some distance. You drive too close behind them you tend to get some smaller stone drop from it and can smash your windscreen.

The same thing with other materials that is loose and not covered.

  1. Debris on the road

Normally this kind of hazard is due to remnants of construction site near the road. Pins and nails can be laying on the road. They can penetrate your tyres and deflate your tyres.

Small stones that are dropped from lorry laden with pebbles are not easily removed except to be sweep over my vehicle’s  tyres.

  1. Accident

Vehicles involving in accident can be avoided. Very often another accident can occur when passing vehicles don’t take precaution and see warning sign. People who want to help those involved can be knocked down by a passing vehicle.

Some instance when the passing drivers keep their eyes on the accident spot and not on the road in front of them. This kind of driver can knock anything in front of them. It can be people, animals and another vehicle.

  1. Police road block.

Believe me road block can be a hazard especially when insufficient barrier are not set up. Sometimes those who avoid the road block do pose some hazard when they left their vehicle on the road to escape. These are mainly unlicensed drivers.

  1. Soil pallet on the road.

Normally true for any road construction nearby or housing development. Heavy and loaded truck with soil drops some of the load unintentionally on the road surfaces. Any vehicles passing over them can send the small hard soil into the other vehicle.

When rain comes they become slippery.

  1. Smoking while driving.

This is one of the most tragic cause of accident. When you smoke the hot ash can drop onto your shirt or trousers. SO what do you do is to react to put it off and you lose your wheel and lead to head on collision.

Or if the hot ash drop on the back seat and burn the car seats.

Sometimes due to an accident, road rages happen between the two drivers. Is the road rage regulated and make it an offences? Find out from your country’s road enactment.

I normally once a while in a month drive along the dusty road and put on John Denver song “country road take me home”. 

You may like to take this portable stool for you to take a rest by the road side during your long drive. More stories Here                                                                                                                                                                                         

For closing statement “ Never drive without a thought. Don’t drive when you drink

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