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Dysfunction – Rare and Creative Ways to Solve it

What is Dysfunction in Erection

Dysfunction in Erection or commonly called erectile dysfunction is a kind of erection sickness or malfunction of the penis erection process.

Here are the sign.

  • Premature ejaculation before sexual intercourse. Maybe just spray it on the surface.
  • Early ejaculation just a few seconds of penetration.
  • The penis gets up for a while during the excitement and later bows down with no reason to worship
  • The penis erection is not strong and hard as it used to be
  • Can achieve an erection by hand job or oral method for a whiledysfunction

Unsure causes.

Commonly medical doctors will say the following are the main root causes.

  • High blood pressure
  • Having diabetes
  • Aging
  • Blood cannot reach the entire penis veins
  • Drink too much and drunked
  • You are a shemale or pondan.
  • Have no desire for sex (psychology)
  • Too tired
  • Already have sex before the time.dysfunction

How to get erection lasting and harder.

These are a few recommendations that may help you with your journey into perfection by having a good erection.

  • Talk with your partner about the timing for sex, what she must do before, during, and after the encounter.
  • Avoid interruption. Switch off all mobile phones, tv.
  • Try something new e.g positions for sex, role play, toys, focus the sex process.
  • Try to focus on working on something else ( not sex) while you continue to pump. This will help lasting intercourse. If you focus too much on the entry, you will be ‘vomiting’ out early.
  • Pull off in seconds between your stroke and let your partner hold your penis before you insert it in again. It helps the lasting period. Sometimes you need to press the penis for 2 seconds before going in again.
  • Don’t get too tired otherwise you won’t ejaculate.

Preparation for Intercourse.

Many sex maniacs use pills and protection before going for sex.

Using condoms is the best way to protect both from sexually transmitted diseases(STD) such as HIV, Chlamydia, Crabs, or pubic lice, Genital herpes, and many more.

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Sex education is good for early education about sex but some countries and religious bodies are against it. This is an education that teaches the participant how to have safe sex, taboos, and age group all about sexual subjects. This is where videos, pictures of sexual conduct are shown.


More about👉 ED HERE.

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