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Home of the website for rag2ric whereby you can find many products ranges for the affiliate market which is mainly from Clickbank, digistore24, CJ, and amazon associate.

Also listed are Superlife Malaysia Supplement products that are extracted from plant stem cells. STC30 is considered a signature upsell products at the moment. Other products include SIC, SCC, and SNC. The other nutritious product listed is the C2Joy. It is milk that contain Colostrum milk that is proven to help a person recover from high blood sugar, skin diseases, and so on. For these two network products potential or interested person or company is welcome as a reseller. To Join Superlife use this👋 FORM. 👋To join C2Joy use this 👋👋FORM.👋

Also available is a multi-product line listed on the 🛒 Shop 🛒site that also includes from Amazon Associate. So stay glued at home due to Corvid19 and do more online shopping here. Unless you are keen on Ai or 🛒intelligent Artificial🛒 stuff you can view them🛒 HERE. 🛒They are really cool.

Network Marketing

Currently engaged in selling products and recruiting sales agent for Superlife Malaysia in any countries.

Affiliate Marketting

Affiliate to many online platform that sell eBooks and merchanizes

Online Shop

Many fabulous brands and styles that fit anybody sizes and ages.

You Need these at Home During this Pandemic

Reading Head Start

Reading Head Start

This an early learning program for parents to teach the young child even at the age of 2 years old to learn and read effectively.

erectile dysfunction-ED


EdElixir is a process to treat soft erection or erectile dysfunction for any man.

Organic Milk C2joy


This is natural milk containing nutritious Colostrum produced by kiwi cows. Go to page to find out more information.

Recovered from bad skin diseases within 30 days of consuming a full package of STC30
Recovered from diabetes after 4 months of consuming STC 30. Dosage of a sachet a day.
Recovered from a stroke after 3 months of consuming STC 30 slowly regain strength.

Who We Are. What We Do

Superlife Malaysia is a registered company in Malaysia in 2017 . The company promotes scientifically developed  and tested products while leveraging on digital platform which empowers  Superlife members to attain sustainable wealth by promoting the products globally.