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Life Is Super With Superlife STC30 Supplement

Life is super for all reseller and Consumers.

Life is super  for those doing this network marketing of Superlife World products. Superlife is super with only four products to sell and out of these 4 products actually there are five only one product STC30 really make a life to be super.

The product STC30 was the first product to be marketed by the distributors worldwide since the inception of Superlife Malaysia into the MLNM ( Multi level network marketing).

These distributors have explore into the uncharted market in the African continent and Asia. They are selling very well as well as expanding their network in their respective countries.

Strong foothold are present in Africa typically in Nigeria the African richest  oil and gas country.

Subscribe to this page to join this online event or simply send me email.


These products STC 30 , SIC ,SCC15 and SNC are currently marketed in Malaysia, SINGAPORE, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Nigeria, USA, Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Ghana, Congo. (just to mention a few countries). The list have bloomed into 43 countries with over 200,000 marketing and recruitment personnel.

Who qualifies to be a member reseller for Superlife.

Do you want to be superlive plus Life? It can be super for anybody who can verbally talk and read can join. Plenty of intellectuals such as Doctors, Engineers, teachers and lawyers joined. No certificate and degrees are required. 

As long as you have a community you can do well too. For local and Malaysian fill in this👉 FORM and for foreigners do fill this👉 FORM.What makes Superlife Malaysia Products easy to sell.

The first answer was because the products were derived and extracted from selected plant cells into stem cells.The final product are turn into powder and packed into small sachet of 1.5gram each.

The second answer is because the business plan is so fantastic. Beside deserving many benefit such as retail profit, grouping bonus, network bonus and other bonus distributors also receive annual merit.

These merit are converted into travel to many place of choice and luxury cars or properties. If you cannot achieve a free luxury care another  way that you can have one is as follows.

The company Superlife World Malaysia have entered into an agreement with Mercedes Benz that gives all qualifying Superlife Distributors a discount when buying their cars at Mercedes Benz.

“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission! YOU are responsible for your own destiny. Nobody who is a success got to where they are without pushing a few boundaries to discover what works!

Today is a remarkable day for Superlife to have a MOU signing ceremony with CYCLE&CARRIAGE ( Mercedes Benz) for the special rebates to our distributors under corporate solutions program.Special congratulations to our Rich World founder Tuan Mohd Nasuha bought a GLC 300 COUPE ! “

Here is another example beside hundreds of others in the line up.

“A big Congratulations to my Superlady Thabile, she joined SuperLife in May, today she bought this Beautiful Mercedes Benz Life is Super kannete, sebenza gal, next year you are going to buy a Superlife is the new way to live.”

With your initial investment of $116 for a star member, $460 for a supreme member and $1150 for a super member you can convert these money into multiple time. A minimum of 64% can be achieved within a short period of time provided that you have a community.

But now the world community is yours. The internet makes it possible for anybody doing this business. Infact there are more sales being made online than offline on 2020. Your membership is your legacy and there is no renewal for life.

Are you continue to read about blog posting and Facebook pages? You better take action now. To join as a member 👉Malaysian or👉Foreigner.

The third answer is the health issues.  Many sickness are caught up with these products such as: serious skin disease, kidney disease, colon problem and many more have been reversed. See also the benefit of consuming these👉 products and more👉 here .**see comment below.

Superlife is super – Comment and more👉 testimonies

life is superWe bring health and wellness to people from all around the world through our Stemcell therapy derived from organic plant Stemcells. A new way to build both health and wealth through becoming healthy. Superlife is a new way to live and that is life is super!.

I have been using STC30 for just over 1 month now and it’s 1 product I can vouch for. No more chest infections, no more scratchy throat, no more throat irritations from allergies. My skin is looking younger and I have more energy.

Thanks to my friend who introduced me to this amazing product. View more product👉here  

#STC30  is a new way of f bringing health to people all over the world.

Awesome Super Leaders, please join me in congratulating my Superhero, Enzo91 for ranking up to Sapphire in such a short space of time.

Congratulations my Sapphire Leader… I am Super proud of you, this means that you have earned $10k = R145 000 in this amazing Superlife Platform. I have no doubt that this will motivate you to work even harder to smash the next rank. May you keep on keeping on, the sky is not the limit!


The SuperLife product STC30 is a plant-based food therapy. It’s a product ahead of its time which uses stem cells to manage, prevent or even address a disease or a health condition e.g. STC30 can replace neurons damaged by the Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s disease or any other Neurological problems, STC30 can help to produce Insulin that fights and manages people with diabetes etc,

The favourite product STC30 has conquered the most dangerous diseases in the medical conditions:

  • Cancers of all types
  • Kidney failures
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson disease
  • Stroke
  • Goitre & Thyroid problems
  • Fibroids
  • Ageing
  • Diabetes
  • Burns
  • Blood pressure & High Cholesterol
  • Impotance
  • Brain damage
  • Gastrititis
  • Migraine
  • Sinus / Asthma / Pneumonia / TB
  • Infertility
  • Psoriasis / Dermatitis & Eczema
  • Improves Eye sight / Vision

And it improves many more conditions.

The advantage of using STC 30 food therapy is:

  1. AS you fight one disease or medical condition with STC30, you will be fighting all negative conditions in your body!!
  2. YOU will also be looking younger and having a healthier skin, healthier bones. A refreshed body system
  3. YOU will also feel young and rejuvenated and have your mind and vision sharpened
  4. STC30 is the best way of Managing and Fighting all Health Challenges the Natural way and it’s really safe and affordable.

Insterestingly *STC30 food therapy*

  • Restores
  • Rejuvenates
  • Replaces &
  • Replicates

human body normal cells and increases the number of circulating Adult Stem cells in our body.

That’s why it is called a miraculous product. *Inspired by Nature and Realized by Science* *Time for Health Restoration the Natural Way.*

  • Say no to Operations
  • Say no to Amputations
  • Say no to Chemotherapy
  • Say no to Kidney dialysis
  • Say no to Insulin Injection
  • With *STC 30 *

*SUPERLIFE………sees to it that your life is super!!*

*Note: to those who are on medication, we don’t stop our medication until the Doctor’s confirmation, STC30 is not a drug but a Stem cell nutrition, 100% Natural Organic food supplement with magnificent health benefits!!*

If you are looking for a business opportunity where you can earn while you get healthy and help others recover from illnesses then click on the link below to join us for our info session.

When by joining Superlife is not suitable for you👉 here  is a link for you to look for other opportunities.

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Superlife super guide made easy

What is Superlife super Guide

Superlife super guide is just like but not the same as the procedure for super life RPG which is a steam community-based activity for games and popular among some youth. But this guide is mainly for consuming Superlife wellness products.

Superlife Superlife Guide – Superlife products.

It is recommended that the product are taken after bed in the morning. Before your formal home breakfast open the sachet( apply to all products) and just pour the powder in your mouth under your tongue. After that, take a glass of drinking water which is at room temperature.

Why must it be underneath the tongue you may ask. The answer is because underneath your tongue are numerous ‘sensors” that are the first liners of ‘probes’ that sense anything to the brain and body that are going to be consumed. Meaning to say that the ingredient is taken directly into your blood and circulated in the body circulation system and delivers the right ingredient to the body cells that need them.

What are the Products

The current products in the market are STC30, SIC, SCC15, and SNC. These products are plant stem cells extracts. For more information about their composition are found 🛍️ here on the shop floor. Each product target different benefit for our health. SNC is the Neuro Care product.  The health benefit that it provides is the Nutrition for mental healthIt help to improve your eye vision, hearing, and improves memory.

Are You interested in Superlife

You still can get benefits even if you want to consume just the products(any products). You can purchase the product in a mix of your choices. Say for example STC30 + SNC +SIC only or SNC+SIC or any mix your preference. Refer to the 💲 shop’s 💲 area to make your purchase.

Join as a member is not complicated. Go to this ✨ page ✨and complete it. Plenty of personal financial and health benefit awaits you.

In the current situation of health uncertainty that we are facing right now you are encouraged to take Superlife products such as STC30, SICC15, or other better supplements if you come across any. On top of restricted movement due to the pandemic, you can join our conference online via a zoom meeting. This is how we beat the RMCO. Members still can recruit members and sell the product.

How to join Superlife World as a Member.

There are 3 categories to choose from as per your current financial situation.

Star Category – In Malaysia it is only RM450 that you are required to pay to the company and you are given a box of STC30 containing 30 sachets. You will be given access to the shops for repurchase. Refer to the diagram for illustration.superlife super guide

Supreme category- In Malaysia you just pay RM1800 and you are given with 4 boxes of STC30 containing 30 sachets each.

Super category– In Malaysia you are to pay RM4500 and 10 boxes of the products will be given to you. This is the best package because you get a higher benefit than the other category. Benefits such as key in your network members and a higher rate of return.

The sponsor bonus varies according to your membership category. Refer to the diagram for illustration. For the Star and Supreme category, you can upgrade anytime you think it is convenient for you to need.Superlife super guide

With the current business plan, few members are earning a much better part-time income that is up to six figures just within a short period of 2 years.

This is how the bonus spread out.

Join Superlife Malaysia

A Star member can earn up to USD4650 in bonus within 8 weeks if you can maintain consistent sales.

Superlife super guide bonus

A Super member can earn up to USD46,660 in bonus within 8 weeks if you can maintain consistent sales.

superlife super guide
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Superlife STC30 Where to buy it

STC30 success

Where to Buy Superlife STC30, SIC,SNC,SICC15.

Superlife STC30 and the other products are nicely packaged in small boxes. For STC30 is in 4.5 x 9.5 x 18.3 cm for bigger box and 2 x 8.5 x 20.5 for medium box. The other packages are more or less in same sizes of boxes. Delivery are via courier services all over the world from the Superlife world warehouse at the Hq in Kuala Lumpur with a surcharge over the packages about 10%.

In reality this charges doesn’t deter anybody who want to get involved in the network marketing business. The current trend  as of June 2020 shows that the volume and numbers of people involve are increasing rapidly towards 300,000 people in over 40 countries. With that numbers are you convinced with the business and products? If you do, get in touch with the form to process just for you.  

Superlife world products can be purchased as follows :

Via an offline agent: This is only applicable if you live nearby the agent or HQ in Kuala Lumpur whereby the agent comes to you. An agent or member is a registered person and recruited via another agent as introducer. There are 3 main categories of entry whereby you purchase the package and this will make you a registered member for life with no expiry membership fees.

starPackage as a Star category, you purchase only one box of STC30 value at RM450.

SupremePackage as a Supreme category , you purchase 4 boxes of STC30 value at RM1,800

superPackage as a Super category, you purchase 10 boxes of STC30 value at RM4,500.

Via an online Agent with online infrastructure. – For a distance is a gap or a barrier, that is you can’t find anybody near you there is another better ways to process your application. You can join by filling up the form on this website. Make sure you fill in all required basic requirement before sending. Incomplete information will delay your application. Select the category in the form detail. You can bank in your money as specified after you send or submit the form. DO allow 14 to 30 days to get your confirmation due to the current pandemic condition that disturbs all the logistic. More information here….          

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Superlife Seller Network for passive Income

Superlife car

Join as a Superlife Seller

superlife seller- halal certSuperlife seller is required even in your area ( country,district,county,village,dity, town). As a distributor for superlife world in your area your exposure to reap numerous monetary benefit is enormous as you build wealth for your self and others.


This is because, outside Malaysia, it is becoming a global brand “Global Superlife”. Superlife Malaysia is a newly established company registered in  2017 Malaysia. 


Superlife Malaysia main products are STC30, SIC, SNC, and SCC15. All are fast selling physical nutritional products. Products are Halal for Muslims. 


Global networks are growing fast to Africa, Asia, and Europe. As in 2020, a company was registered in Nigeria to distribute these products. The company is called Supaworld STC30 powder in Ikeja, Lagos. 


Once you are in the team as a superlife seller you will have  plenty of incentive to grab from offer that is given to you such as mobile phones, laptops traveling, etc depending on your achievement. Don’t you want to be superlive plus? Do not miss teh boat. Sign in using the form below and once you are registered, you can log in into your account to see your status.


Business building and development are the main subjects of this company. Products are just for marketing mainly for personal use. If you have the surplus stock you can sell them to your close relatives because the products are precious.


One of the developments for all agencies is to be able to join weekly global business update right using your mobile or Computers broadcast from anywhere in the world real-time by our business leaders.


Why You Must Join Superlife?

Superlife is a strong fundamental company that has a growing income and strong global force with the numbers of distributors that have surpassed 200,000 in 40 countries. 

The business concept is to help people to build wealth and earn consistently and build family legacy receiving residual income that is passive income. The products are of course for sell but that is secondary. 


The products are used for entry to the business is STC30.


With the internet Of Things available to everybody now, conducting the business with Superlife is simple. It can be done online creating a network of clients right from home I mean just work from home


This business is not making you quit early or later. It is meant to get you going the extra mile after mile. The more you enter during your Category entry as specified in the above tables, the faster you become financially free. 


The actual facts are the company have created over dozen of MILLIONAIRES in Malaysia and Africa over a span of the company become operative, that is since 2016 the year it is established and registered.


Thousands of distributors worldwide are starting to get rich including in Malaysia that has made SIX figure monthly income with Superlife. Some are as young as 19 years old while some are over 60 years old. The first step is to get through product marketing and the second level will be the passive and extra income that follows. 


Students too are onboard this global business. The current trend is in China and Thailand where foreign students are doing the business very well.


They do very well because the business is easy which can be done online to earn or make money online. They purchase the star package which is the physical product that is costing USD115 and within two months they upgrade their category to Super level which is USD1150. 


From there they are exposed to various advantages of the business and managed most of their group of distributors.


This business is super easy! Why?. During the pandemic lockdown, many distributors are still capable of doing and generating their business. Webinars via zoom apps are done on a weekly basis from the founders and leaders to get connected to new or potential clients globally. 


Transaction when doing the business is also easy because in some established centers, the company has local banks supported for payment using cash transfer but the majority of the new clients and distributors use their credit card.


One last thing why joining Superlife is good because you only pay once to enter or join and that’s for whole life with no expiry period like much similar business are doing. 


If you are inactive you are still open to holding your membership. That how the business builds your legacy towards passive income and financial freedom that you can pass down to your future generation.


Upon receiving your payment receipt and personal detail you can get your material within two weeks (local) and internationally within a month. All shipping and handling are included in the packages.(These terms may change during this pandemic)


Get in touch with me for more detail with the fantastic business plan either by filling the FORM as shown below.


price includes courier service.
Please do not use Postal address as P.O. Box.

Maximum turn around takes up to 30 days for overseas interest.

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Superlife World Benefits For A Member.

Superlife World benefits for all.

Superlife world products provide and distributed via the network marketing have many benefits that come in in different forms especially for consuming Superlife products such as stc30, sic,scc15, and SNC. From Health benefits perspective mainly covers personal wellness from the inside to outside.

Let me give you some background about these products. STC30, SNC, SIC, SCC15 are all plant and fruit extract stem cells. They are insured by the MSIG of Japan for RM1 Million, conform to Halal requirement for Muslim consumers, approved by FDA board. You can call by consuming these products as a therapy process. SO far many diseases have been cured by consuming them.

Superlife World Products.

Superlife STC30 consumers’ benefits are mainly to gain more recovery from their current state of health.

How to use STC30

There are many testimonies in videos that are available on YouTube produced by members from all over the world. It is quite surprising that patients for diabetes, stroke, joint pain, skin diseases, fibroid, and many more really feel that their health state was reversed. Superlife STC 30 how to use it is to open up the sachet and pour the powder underneath the tongue and later drink some warm or room temperature drink water. This must be done early in the morning 30 minutes before your breakfast.

Superlife SIC consumers have also experienced greater immunity against common sickness.

Superlife SCC15 consumers mainly gain internal colon health and prevent the colon from any contact from bad radicals.

Superlife SNC is anew product in the system that targets the wellness of the neuron system such as improving the eyesight, improve memory and hearing. Ocular health, Geriatric such as Autism patients are the ones who benefit from this wonderful Super Neuron care another considered the gold standard in the supplement.

Side effects of these products.

Superlife STC30 side effect is so far has is no side effect reported because these products are not medicines but a supplement of high quality and standard that is required by the body to maintain better health at all times.

Cost of these products.

All supplements and nutrition products are costly to produce because of certain regulations and standards to follow and raw material obtain to produce the products. But Superlife products are considered competitive across the globe. For example, Superlife STC30 price is only at 100USD a box.

Benefit as a Seller and Distributors.

The immediate benefit is the retailer cost where you can earn about 30% of it and credited into your e-wallet. The passive benefit is deriving from recruitment, training, network formation, and annual bonanza for tours and travel and offsite convention. Many goodies such as mobile phones, laptops are also for grabs.

The Superlife business plan is really fantastic because each seller can reap from 64% to 94 % of the ROI(return on investment). That is why many members’ sellers are now earning some six figures a month after just over a span of two years joining as seller distributors.

You can see your performance via your Superlife world back-office account provided by Superlife.

Some of the  Superlife  Consumers Testimonies. More of the testimonies are found on YouTube. Should you are interested either to be a consumer only or interested to become a reseller distributor anywhere in the globe, go through this form to register and get more information from me.

Membership Applying Form

price includes courier service.
Please do not use Postal address as P.O. Box.