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Fortnight item shop now toward YOE Year-End

shop now

Shop Now YOE opportunity for the Year end 2020.

Shop now 🛒posters, banners, playcard, shopping button and labels are seen on every shops entrance. Ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Shopee, and you name them also have “shop now” button displayed on their product pages.
3 group of Items to shop now toward the year end.

-The top of the list is computer related products such as laptops, upgrades , and brands. Standing out includes Samsung.
-Television or TV and smart TV comes second as one of the most search keywords. So happen that Samsung is the popular choices.
-Next is microwave oven. You can check them for the popular brand.

Black Friday Fortnight Item Shop Now.

Top of the list comes Nintendo switch among online video gamers who are mostly young.
Second on the searched list is the playstation. This seem to be related to online games as well because they also like to play offline video games.
Next is the Apple Airpods.
Related to year end and black friday sales are those website that offers sales coupons. You need to read those word “shop now” and “get your coupons” buttons.
“Fortnight item 🛒 shop now” can always be missed out by online shoppers. You need to come back to the website that are ecommerce related shop online site daily to check. Some site can drop down their prices up to 90%. Some may afford to drop their price up to 50%.

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Tooth – Unknown cause of Gum pain.

Tooth Pain

Unknown cause of Tooth Gum pain.

Tooth or teeth does not matter because the pain for one teeth cause the same pain for the other tooth.

Do you know floss and tooth picks. If you cannot miss them after food to pick the remain of smaller food in between your teeth it means that you are already addicted to it.

In my own experience I have many experiences with these teeth gadgets. Every time I used to slowly removed the small lump of food remains between some of the tooth after food. Of course it feels comfortable after they are removed.

Tooth Floss help

flossIn some cases I use floss and other brush. Normally I have no idea about what will happen after a longer practice or hobbit of doing this.

I do brush my teeth twice daily in the morning and in the evening.

Previously I did visit the dentist to remove my tooth plaque. He cleaned the tooth cavity and filled up some of the cavity of tooth decay part.

Then my own way of sensing my teeth health is using my tongue. I used to slide my tongue over all my teeth, I can detect the gaps of every teeth.

Beware of Toothpicks.

Tooth pickSome tooth pick may be poisonous. It happens to me one time after my lunch I picked a tooth pick on the table and started to use it. After few minutes I felt my lip becoming numb and my gum too. The felling is exactly like being injected with substance before you pull out your teeth in the clinic.

So I went to a medical clinic and was informed that I am allergic to something and I knew it myself. I was given some medication.

Tongue assist for removing food remains between the teeth

Whenever I feel there is a gap I push my tongue in between. The same thing happens when I detect or sense that a plaque formation I slide over it.

After doing this for sometimes I get painful teeth. My tooth nerve pain makes me uncomfortable day and night. One at the time especially that affects my wisdom teeth, molars, premolar and the canine teeth.

I do not have any teeth decay because i have my bad teeth crowned after the cavity repaired.

Visit The Dentist for Tooth Pain

Tooth PainI went to the dentist to check them and pull off the painful one but the doctor said the teeth are all ok except the gum is swelling. So he did not pull it instead he gave antibiotic Chlorhexidine Gluconate for mouth wash.

The discomfort slowly diminishes and I feel good.  But then when chew some food especially the hard one I feel the pain again and then I switch to use the other teeth on the other side.

This may be the real causes.

I read on WebMD website and there are many causes of this pain.

The first is due to some diseases. I have been diagnosed to have diabetes and just been given a package of the medication kombiglyze and followed by having a little higher than normal blood cholesterol.

Age really does matter with Diabetes and high cholesterol. I am at 59 years old and that may be the caring age towards golden age.

People may ask “ is tooth extraction painful”?. Yes it is painful I don’t want to lose my tooth.

I share these for the benefit of those who never know about the root cause of tooth gum pain.

Painless ways to keep your teeth clean.

Ultrasonic Tooth CleanerUltrasonic tooth cleaner is one of the modern ways to clean and whitening your teeth.

👉👉 Get it here. 

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Borneo – Where Is Borneo Located?

Borneo Penans

Borneo tribeBorneo is an Island that is one of the third largest Island on earth. Borneo is surrounded by the Java Sea to its south, the Celebes Sea on its east, and the South China Sea to its north. It has an area of 288,869 square miles (748,168 square kilometers) with an estimate total population of over 20 million.

Politically the island is divided into four major states and belong to and govern by non Borneo government except one.

The four states are the Indonesian Kalimantan, Brunei Sultanate, Sabah and Sarawak states of Malaysia. I has been like these since the 18th century and no government can unite these states. If there is, it should be possibly done by the Dutch and British in those era.

The tribes on the Island are different than those in Australia and Madagascar.

The Island was one of the popular destination during the spice trade from the Arab , Indian and Chinese in the 18th century.

Those were the times  when head hunting were the major activities of the rural tribes. These head hunters were mainly fearless Iban, Kayan and Kenyah who dominate their area of control.

Remains of skull can be seen hanging is some of the Iban longhouse today and some of the communities still idolize them. They offer them with some fruits.

Most of these tribe have removed them when they became Christian. Its not a gorilla or an orang utan skull. You see the skull hanging somewhere in the longhouse or access road to the longhouse.

There is no more head hunting. These tribes are some of the most friendliest and gorgeous people in Borneo.

Tribes uncontacted in Borneo

I still don’t bPenan Shadeelieve that there are still primitive tribes in the interior rain forest of the island. In reality is a yes there are.

In Baram deep forest there is a Penan tribe locally called “Penan Toi”. They are still roaming secretly in the jungle avoiding other tribes. This tribe is almost like the wild man or those untamed tribes of the amazon forest.

Its difficult to get in contact  with them. Only knowledgeable guide can lead you to them. They have special instinct that can detect any movement towards them and they hide before you see them.

Tribes of the Island

I believe that there are over hundreds of tribes that lives on the Island. Chinese, Indian and Malay  are not considered as a tribe in Borneo. They came to Borneo to trade and established themselves. The Major are the

  1. Ibans
  2. Bidayuh
  3. Kayan
  4. Kenyah
  5. Murut
  6. Kedazan
  7. Dusun
  8. Sungei
  9. Miriek
  10. Melanau


Under these major tribes are various sub ethnic group. The Iban for example have

  1. Iban Merotai dialect in Sabah (language code: IBA)
  2. Bugau Iban dialects in Sarawak and West Kalimantan (language code: IBA)
  3. Iban Dau dialect in Sarawak (language code: IBA)
  4. Lemanak Iban dialect in Sarawak (language code: IBA)
  5. Skrang Iban dialect in Sarawak (language code: IBA)
  6. Ulu Ai Iban dialect in Sarawak (language code: IBA)

Reference :

The Kayan tribes are the Bahau, Leken, Uma Poo, Uma Peliau, Merep,kanihing, beluvuh and many more

The Kenyah are the lepo Tau, Lepo Ga’, Badeng, Bakong , kulit and many more

The rest of the tribes are the same having many more sub tribes or ethnic.

Tribes with long ears.

Long earsYou seldom see the long ears anymore in this generation of the 20th century. This used to be a tradition of the Kayan and Kenyah tribes who are the two most related in customs and tradition.

The tradition of having long ears was not only practiced by the ladies in those times. Men also have long ears.

Both genders did this to make them look gorgeous so that they can get their life partner and settle soon. Traditionally the longer the ear lobes drop down the more the feeling of being gorgeous and beautiful.

Type of Earing for Ear Piercings.

Traditionally, earing for the men were crafted from animal bones, wild bear laws, leopard claws, and hornbill horn. While the women earing were mainly made of raw iron ( besi Kayan or tetai keluh), selected stones, brass, copper, silver rings. In the old days, you can witness that almost all resident wore earing made from many materials. Some with more earing than the others.

There used to be different type of ear piercing at the ear lobe, top ear and middle ear. Ear piercings places for men are usually at the top ear and ear lobes while the women do it at the ear lobes.

How to make long Ear lobes

To make a long ear lobe is painful and time consuming. Initially the ear lobe is poke with small sharp bamboo blade and rub it with charcoal to dry the wound.

Borneo tribeWhen the wound dry up, slight weight brass or silver ring is inserted and let hang days and night. When the lobes look loose, another ring is put in and this upgrade will make a long drop of ear lobes. The user normally shines the ear gadget with some kind of organic polish.

In this modern era this tradition is dead unless it is made just for publicity.

More related to Article here.

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Income Leverage Strategy toward 2021 and Beyond

The Chinese Method of Income Leverage.

Income leverage is a must task for every households whether in recession or not. Those who practice leverage during normal or good market sentiment will do better when in time of recession.

The chinese tradition is to divide an income into three portion :

  • Saving 1/3 into banks
  • Petty cash 1/3
  • To earn more money or investment for the last 1/3.

This what the chinese mentality is like.

They must see one for one as income for a day and it is  alright not to have an income for the day but not losing an investment.

In the old days rural folks normally said “ when there is a smoke there must be a chinese there”.

In todays world, majority of us including the chinese are not so much as the fore fathers did. Life have changed and adapted  to digital, forex trading, bitcoin and stock market. Some earn so much more than the others YOY ( year on year) but how do income class being stated. 

More blog post HERE.

Household Income Classification.

Honestly I only come to know these income classification during the end of Malaysia’s Barisan National government. They used these as a yardstick to distribute financial assistant the BRIM ( Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia). This assistant changed names under various government for example BSH ( Bantuan Sara Hidup) , BPN ( Bantuan Prihatin Nasional) and later to another bantuan.

I only can relate Income Class for Malaysian. I guess that the income here are the take away gross income before tax filing for the annual income statement.

Economic growth indicator fall into three categories income groups: Top 20% (T20), Middle 40% (M40), and Bottom 40% (B40). This is revised for very 5 years.

The concept is briefly describe as

  • HOUSEHOLD INCOME:Overall income that is earned by household members, whether in cash or kind, and can be referred to as gross income. In 2019, the average monthly income in Malaysia is RM7,901
  • MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME:is the “middle” income number within a range of household incomes, arranged from low to high. For example, in Taman Bintang, there are five household incomes of RM5,000, RM10,000, RM15,000, RM20,000, and RM25,000; the median household income will be RM15,000. The median is used because it represents a more accurate representation of the area than a mean number (the average).
  • MEAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME:is the “average” income number where all household incomes are added up and divided by the number of households.

So how do we get classified into the B40, M40, and T20 income groups?


Median Monthly Income By Household Group

Household Group

Median Income 2019 (RM)

Median Income 2016 (RM)










Monthly Income Range By Household Group

Household Group

Income Range 2019 (RM)

Income Range 2016 (RM)





4800 – 10900





What Income is Middle Class.

If you look at the diagram above the middle class falls into the M40 group. This bar may be changed next year because of the economic affected by the pandemic.

Here come the leverage.

Leverage don’t comes easy during this pandemic because so many people were being retrenched and companies have reduced the workforce and that affected the production as well. This affected almost all sectors across the board. However, the stock market don’t seem to be affected. I mean the stock market is not going down. But instead it go up.

This suggest that many people put their money in the stock market to leverage their loss of income from employment.

Stock marketing seem to be the battle ground among those who are out of jobs and the fund managers.

Stock market at today have break the 52 weeks and going to be all time high. This is happening to almost all stock market in the world. I don’t encourage my reader to pump your last money in the market. The bubbles will burst in no time. DO prudent investments like slow and consistent income to leverage your loss of income by doing some affiliate marketing

More storied relate to article here

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Herbs -The Essential Benefits of Herbs.


Herbs are described as any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavouring, food, medicine, or perfume. Naturally are found in the wild forest. Some herbalist currently planted them at the backyard and some are planted in garden to make a herb garden.

This is a list of herbs name that are commonly used for herb medicines and some commercial application.

  1. Parsley/ Petroselinum crispum
  2. Mint / Mentha
  3. Dill/ Anethum graveolens
  4. Basil/Ocimum basilicum
  5. Sage/Salvia officinalis
  6. Rosemary/rosmarinus officinalis
  7. Thyme /thymus vulgaris
  8. Cilantro/coriandrum sativum
  9. Fennal/ foeniculum vulgare
  10. Chamomile/matricaria chamomile
  11. Tarragon/Artemisis dracunculus
  12. Lavender/Lavandula
  13. Chivas/ Allium schoenoprasum
  14. Bay leaves/Laurus nobilis
  15. Culantro/ eryngium foetidum
  16. Chervil/ Anthriscus cerefolium
  17. Winter savory/satureja Montana
  18. Peppermint/ menthe piperita
  19. Stevia/stevia rebaudiana
  20. Lemongrass/cymbopogon
  21. Oregano/origanum vulgare
  22. Marjoram/Origanum majorana
  23. Lemon balm/Melissa officinalis
  24. Myrtle/myrtus
  25. Lemon verbena/ Aloysia citrodora
  26. Cicely/Myrrhis odorata
  27. Spearmint/Mentha spicata

Benefit of Herbs

There are many unknown benefits of herbs. The benefit that will be described here are mainly for medical purposes. 

Some consumers of natural herbs proclaimed that they stay healthy because of consuming certain herbs in their diet.

The best part is of course to stay immune and healthy at all times. The more healthy a person is the less is spent on medical bill. So in this manner, you save more for other purposes as you need most. 

Do you believe that we will spend more money on medicines when we are sick? Normally when our body immunity is low the body can contract many diseases. But anyway some diseases can be cured using herb as sources of remedies and medicines. 

To continually stay healthy herbs supplement can be taken daily. Few ✨supplement in the market provide herb wellness product component in their product.

Besides herbs are used for medical application, some are also used for the kitchen as spices such as lemongrass and mint.

✨✨More related posting HERE.

Lemon verbena/ Aloysia citrodora

herbs- lemon vebanaThis herb has several health benefits. Taking for example like fighting inflammation, easing digestion, promoting weight loss, relieving nasal congestion, and preventing muscle damage. 

The strong scent of this herb has also been said to be really beneficial for relaxing tensed nerves.

Oregano/origanum vulgare

herbs-oreganoOregano leaves also release distilled oils. This can be used as an effective remedy for indigestion, respiratory ailments, skin conditions, and fungal infections.

Parsley/ Petroselinum crispum

ParsleyPopular in Europe where it is commonly used as a spice, vegetable, and herb.. It has a mild, bitter flavor that greatly enhances the flavor of soups, stews, casseroles, and salads. 

Parsley is also consumed for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immune system and aids in digestion.

✨✨Discover more here with Books Of Remedies by Dr. Nichol

Herbs for Brewing-Mint / Mentha

MinthMany people brew fresh mint leaves to make different types of teas and beverages.

Mint has long been used as an herbal remedy to treat several ailments like chest pains, stomach aches, nausea, etc. In fact, practitioners of traditional medicine have found evidence that mint might just be able to treat irritable bowel syndrome. 

We know it by the name peppermint.

Herbs for culinary -Dill/ Anethum graveolens

dillDill is extremely popular as a culinary herb in European cuisine. It has a slightly bitter and sharp taste that provides a flavorful kick to the food. 

Dill has a surprising amount of health benefits, some of which include low cholesterol levels, relief from insomnia and diarrhea, ease of digestion and relief from flatulence, to name a few.

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Hazard on the road – 11 Man-Made hazards for Drivers.

What are Hazard on the road

road imageHazard on the road exist on road surfaces , side and in front. Some are natural while most of the are man-made hazards. Normally hazards sign are indicated depending on the type of hazard (steep road, slippery road, accident prone) on signboard when the condition always poses some accident.

When you are taking a trip for a desired destination do take note that you need to do some sort of study for the road such as the current condition and even take an option for another way or road destination.

This strategy normally called safe journey or trip and journey management.

 Natural hazard are due to weather pattern that changes the road condition on the surface.

Taking for example slippery road surfaces due to rain, falling twig or branches on the road due to wind, stagnant water due to road surface pot hole and even sinking holes. These are some of the conditions that make the dangerous road especially true for country side road.  

The unnatural ones are more related to man-made activities as described below as 10 most common ones.

11 Man Made Hazard.

  1. Road Under Construction

Whenever there is any road construction there tend to be some road signage onsite or the surrounding warning road users about some activities and hazards. But however not all drivers are mindful to read those sign posted. They themselves are the additional hazard.

Falling objects, bottle neck access, debris, broken materials, sharp material on the surface and uneven surface are very common hazard.

  1. Road Side Flowers are there posing a visual hazard or beauty.

Almost all city councils want to beautify the city road by planting beautiful flowers at the road junction, dividers and along the stretch of the road. But when these flowers grow tall they form some kind of wall that block the small car driver’s views of passing vehicles.

Making a U turn, want to cross the road to the opposite road, and want to overtake the vehicle. Those flowers are the road junction really blocks drivers view of incoming vehicles. Some flowers are trimmed but still pose as block your vision.

  1. Road image-HazardRoad side planted trees

The trees are good for the road. It provides shades and makes it cool for drivers.

The danger is when the rotten twig drop on the road, uprooted tree due to heavy wind, broken branches and uneven road surface due to the root.  Some roads put on hazard signs and most roads don’t.

  1. Un maintained Road

Country side road or rural roads are normally not maintained well or regularly maintain. The road surface than have many holes, twigs; unknown materials and even wild animals are seen crossing the roads.

  1. Oil Spill on road surface

When a lorry or truck overturns on the road they spill Oil on road surfaces Soil making it really slippery for all vehicles using the road. Sometimes when there is accident oil are spill over onto the surface of the road.

  1. Stone drop from lorry

When you drive behind any Lorries or trucks that are loaded with sand, stones and other materials make sure that you keep some distance. You drive too close behind them you tend to get some smaller stone drop from it and can smash your windscreen.

The same thing with other materials that is loose and not covered.

  1. Debris on the road

Normally this kind of hazard is due to remnants of construction site near the road. Pins and nails can be laying on the road. They can penetrate your tyres and deflate your tyres.

Small stones that are dropped from lorry laden with pebbles are not easily removed except to be sweep over my vehicle’s  tyres.

  1. Accident

Vehicles involving in accident can be avoided. Very often another accident can occur when passing vehicles don’t take precaution and see warning sign. People who want to help those involved can be knocked down by a passing vehicle.

Some instance when the passing drivers keep their eyes on the accident spot and not on the road in front of them. This kind of driver can knock anything in front of them. It can be people, animals and another vehicle.

  1. Police road block.

Believe me road block can be a hazard especially when insufficient barrier are not set up. Sometimes those who avoid the road block do pose some hazard when they left their vehicle on the road to escape. These are mainly unlicensed drivers.

  1. Soil pallet on the road.

Normally true for any road construction nearby or housing development. Heavy and loaded truck with soil drops some of the load unintentionally on the road surfaces. Any vehicles passing over them can send the small hard soil into the other vehicle.

When rain comes they become slippery.

  1. Smoking while driving.

This is one of the most tragic cause of accident. When you smoke the hot ash can drop onto your shirt or trousers. SO what do you do is to react to put it off and you lose your wheel and lead to head on collision.

Or if the hot ash drop on the back seat and burn the car seats.

Sometimes due to an accident, road rages happen between the two drivers. Is the road rage regulated and make it an offences? Find out from your country’s road enactment.

I normally once a while in a month drive along the dusty road and put on John Denver song “country road take me home”. 

You may like to take this portable stool for you to take a rest by the road side during your long drive. More stories Here                                                                                                                                                                                         

For closing statement “ Never drive without a thought. Don’t drive when you drink

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Multiple Streams of Passive Income starting in 2020

Where to Discover your Multiple Streams Of Income.

Multiple streams of passive income for the next few months towards 2021 need to be done more online due to the prolong pandemic. As reported in the eCommerce site, there are surges of shopping online website and revenue derive from online shopping site particularly Dropshipping websites.

Among those who racked in huge profit include Alibaba founder Mr. Jack Ma.

Sales imageSince many people were made redundant and there is no physical jobs available! why not set up your own website for posting blogs and items to sell. Join the sale online site communities.

There are numerous opportunities to sell anything online. You can make use of Google business site which is free to post your items. Search for  “shop Google” can get you to Google shopping site.

If you already have a website that have item to sell and need to be posted in Google you can use plugins to provide a feed to Google. With one click and the job is done.

If you are a sport person and you know all about sport you can post sport shoes. Get the product from Aliexpress and post on your site.

Network marketing online for Multiple Streams Of Passive Income.

Selling some products that are normally done via multilevel marketing can also be done online. Due to this pandemic that continues to take its toll in business and lives it is a good idea that you switch to internet marketing. It help you to market your product and recruit your agent for your network marketing.

You don’t need any sales representative. Your website will be your sale representative and work for your on 24 x7.

As more and more people are suffering from coronavirus they will be less business activities offline compare to online business.

You can make use of free sites to post your product beside google business site. To name a few are like website Quora and Premium where you can post your blog related to product link.

👉Linktree  is also a good website for you to create some link for your products.

Posting your product on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are also getting more exposure for free.

Where to get product to sell

Unless you are creative you can make your own product to sell on line. To get product to sell are “MUOP” make use other people product like those from Oberlo, Kumoten, Onebuy, Aliexpress, Amazon, ebay and many more.

Affiliate products are really giving some handful income too. Physical products and eproduct from clickbank, jvzoo, digistore24,warriorplus, and involve are plenty to chose from.

Creating ebook to sell online are common too. Use this apps👉 Sqribble  to create your ebook and post it on👉 Gumroad for sell.

Multiple Streams of passive incomeI am just starting to share with you some tips to earn Multiple streams of  passive income by doing online or internet marketing. Scan the QR code for more tips.

There are many more such as teaching or training online such as 360training. Selling used items on Etsy site is also profitable.

With all these information you just need more time to set them up once. After that you may need one or two hours daily to do some update for your websites and product.

DO you believe in yourself?

If you and you will get more extra income by doing the above. Are you familiar with Clickfunnel? A similar website is doing the same capability. Check this 👉  website . Its is FREE.

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Bamboo Minecraft Handbags For The Ladies


Bamboo is a tubular like plant that can grow up to 50 meters in the natural jungle in any tropical jungle in Asia, Africa and Latin America. They are also found to grow well in China, Japan, Mongolia and Nepal and other temperate countries.

There mainly found in abundance in the jungle known as bamboo forest however some are isolated along river banks or some other forest or jungle.

Some countries preserve them very well for commercialization but not in the forest of Borneo. They planted many trees to make bamboo garden.

Bamboo Houses

The uses of the plant were mainly for making houses’ and temples’ roof during the various Chinese, Japanese and Korean dynasty of the past. The stem are cut into half and assembled in a “S” manner.  

They are also used for flooring for the bamboo garden. The garden are normally having various bamboo plants that are conserved for commercial purposes.  Some of the old villages also have bamboo fencing. Those infrastructures still exist today.

Do you know Bamboo Minecraft.

There are many products currently available in the market. Most are homemade are like basket for fruit drying, fruit collection basket, umbrella, carpets, handbag and many other forms. As long as ideas and creativity is in the mind the  can be a useful raw material. 

Are you interested to know more about a bamboo business? There are many species of these plants that serve as raw materials for your interest.

The plant is a competitor to Rattan in making any handcraft. Both can be used for making mattress, basket, and sun hat.

This  is a👉  lady handbag home made from imported Japanese bamboo.bamboo handbag

Use in Recipe and food

Do you know that traditionally the young shoots are cut and trim or slice into pieces and cook. The shoot are cut into pieces and boiled to took . It can be mixed with curry paste, fry with other spices or meat for daily meal. These practices are common in Asian countries.

Some traditional doctors said that young bamboo shoots have many benefits such as good fibers, vitamin and internal organ. Some say that it is also good for men to sustain high libido.

Type of Species

There are so many types and species of bamboo from A – Y and here are the 12 commonly known types.

  1. Buddha Belly 
  2. Giant 
  3. Umbrella 
  4. Dragon Head 
  5. Chinese Fountain 
  6. Fish Pole 
  7. Japanese Timber 
  8. Hedge Type
  9. Black type
  10. Green-Glaucous 
  11. Moso type
  12. Painted type

More information about these are found here

Go to 👉 🛒shop area🛒 here to explore the products.

Below are available colors available for the shandbags at same price. Refer 👉here for prices. Inform me if bulk orders is needed. Subscribe to my newsletter.

Bamboo Handbags

white handbag
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Powerful tip for Bull trading in stock market investment

Powerful tip for bull day trading or bullday traders or exchanging is the exchanging of a specific financial instrument, for the most part a particular gracefully or cash set, inside exactly the same day. Because of the unpredictability found in the financial exchange and in stock market or Forex markets, those are the few most suitable business sectors in which to use day exchanging. 

Money exchanging is utilized to trade out income on a rather transient premise when done proficiently.

How Foreign Exchange Trading Functions According to Professionals

While the rudiments of day exchanging show up simple at first, simply purchase a flexibly just as sell it around the same time when the cost rises. In truth, over 90% of entrepreneurs that start with this sort of exchanging lose money and end up stopping instead of their mind set of a powerful tip to earn easy money.

Most pros don’t accept the long just as anguishing street of enduring speculation. They have procured the best information and furthermore through experience they have created proposals, techniques, and procedures to be compelling in day exchanging. 

Here we will unquestionably disclose to you the essentials with respect to exactly how day exchanging capacities from the viewpoint of the pros. This way you will be exploiting important material that it would surely have taken you years ahead up with without anyone else.

The primary thing you need to need to do well in day exchanging is to have your sentiments controlled. On the off chance that you are going through cash that you have bound for vital things, for example, your adolescents’ instruction, overlook it. 

The considerably more you focus on target, the significantly more your chances of settling on mental and furthermore surprising decisions in this market. Consequently, all together for Foreign trade exchanging to profit you, you need to expect with a nippy head. 

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How is powerful tip

The principal thing experts have is a methodology relating to the number of exchanges they get ready to do any given day, the sum they can bear the cost of losing just as leave techniques in both successful and fruitless callings.

 This is the factor, why they are called specialists, they perceive the factors around their exchanging meetings and furthermore they have a strategy for every single condition that may develop in the financial exchange.

Specialists perceive the Maths of day exchanging, which are summarized in you have to out annihilation your misfortunes with your successes in addition to an edge. Portrayed in a less unpredictable manner, in the event that you burn through $100 and furthermore the stock went down $15, it implies that specific stock diminished 15%. 

In the event that the stock is currently at $85, it would surely need to go up more prominent than 17% to reach $100 indeed. This isn’t a positively no sum computer game. For each misfortune you have, you have outperform the level of your misfortune so as to recoup your cash. You can be on top of things using an ideal stop/limit extent in the entirety of your callings.

Day calling experts don’t exchange every single day. Indeed, they look out for the conceivable outcomes wherein it is extra most likely that they will wind up with a success. Once more, this in like manner needs mental control. 

In reality, this is their mystery. They will simply exchange when they see that their likelihood of winning will absolutely be in any event 2.5 occasions more than their likelihood of shedding.

Favorable circumstances of Day Trading

  • You can have money promptly accessible almost consistently in the event that you get income as opposed to sitting tight for quite a long time as some exchanging approaches recommend.
  • If you have under $8,350 in incomes with day exchanging, you will be depleted with a scaled down cost than the customary income charge commitment support.
  • It licenses you to find to exchange quicker since you will make a few exchanges any gave day instead of the normal 1 or significantly more exchanges a month long haul exchanging
  • It is passionate boosting on a brief reason for effective financial specialists.

Aroon powerful tip My one stop Indicator

There are plenty of indicators to be used in any trading for Forex and stock market. I can tell you that there is no on the dot right indicator for everybody who want to earn in the market. But my only powerful tip of indicator is just one the AROON. If you want to be a bull trader i recommend you to use Aroon.

Many brokers for the stock market and stock market trading environment provide you with their own assumption with real good indicators for certain stocks. Believe me most of them i mean the direction of the recommended stock went to the opposite direction. Who gain from your investment is the financial institution.

powerful tipNormally these bluffs are found in most financial blogs. Do not fall into their traps.

Here is how it goes similar to a scam.

Initially they (financial brokers) bought a stock A at a very large amount for themselves. They accumulate within the T3 period and the price go up.

On T3 or T4 they post on some bolg that the stock is engaged with potentially profitable venture or monopoly with government projects.

Then they said due some uncertainties the price may not be sustainable in long run. Next few minute, the stock price drive down like a cliff. Of course they sell their shares already at higher prices.

They post on the blog that stock A will go up maybe the next day by providing the recommendation. Then the flock of greedy fools starts to buy stock A day in and day out. The price really go up!. Dud! The brokers start to sell dump their holding and gain heftily.

What happen then the stock A price goes down. Who loss are the fools if they are day traders.

They can do the opposite way.

They post on the blog that stock A will be down. SO the fools sell their holding.

What happen then is the smart broker buys the stock when the indicator hit support level at the bottom.

So lesson learnt from this is to do your own home work. Brokers don’t care if the fools earn or loss from their recommendation. All they care is they earn for their own institution.

Fools are full of Greed.

Some of those fools are like me who lost plenty of money in the stock market.

My advice is to do not invest or do day trading in any stock market unless you are like a robot who knows every minute of the stock prices.

To be save do a long term investment may be minimum of 14 days staying in the stock market for a stock. Make sure you put your stop loss up to 4% of your investment. That is your safety net.

One of the secret of all indicators that I used to profit is called AROON. I used other indicators like the volume, candle stick, MACD and RSI to check the credibility of AROON. Anytime the red line cross up is powerful tip for a bull signal. Prepare for it.

It works for me for a long term stock investment. My average winning trade is 70% from this. Is it not that a powerful tip for you?. 

Shown below are some of eBooks for you posted in gumroad if you are interested. Some ebooks a are also available at slideshare.  They contain many tips.

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How to make money in the affiliate market

How to make money in Affiliate Market.

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One day, as a small child, Thomas Edison came home from school and gave a paper to his mother.

He said to her, “Mom, my teacher gave this paper to me and told me only you are to read it. What does it say?”

Her eyes welled with tears as she read the letter out loud to her child…

Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have good enough teachers to train him. Please teach him yourself.”

Many years after Edison’s mother had died, he became one of the greatest inventors of the century

Now for the mind blowing part…

One day he was going through a closet and he found the folded letter that his old teacher wrote his mother that day.

He opened it…

The actual message written on the letter was: 

Your son is Mentally Deficient. We cannot let him attend our school anymore. He is Expelled.”

Waves of emotion washed over him and tears rolled down his cheek as he read the letter to himself. That very day, he wrote down in his diary…

Thomas A. Edison was a mentally deficient child whose mother turned him into the genius of the century.”

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