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Multiple Streams of Passive Income starting in 2020

Where to Discover your Multiple Streams Of Income.

Multiple streams of passive income for the next few months towards 2021 need to be done more online due to the prolong pandemic. As reported in the eCommerce site, there are surges of shopping online website and revenue derive from online shopping site particularly Dropshipping websites.

Among those who racked in huge profit include Alibaba founder Mr. Jack Ma.

Sales imageSince many people were made redundant and there is no physical jobs available! why not set up your own website for posting blogs and items to sell. Join the sale online site communities.

There are numerous opportunities to sell anything online. You can make use of Google business site which is free to post your items. Search for  “shop Google” can get you to Google shopping site.

If you already have a website that have item to sell and need to be posted in Google you can use plugins to provide a feed to Google. With one click and the job is done.

If you are a sport person and you know all about sport you can post sport shoes. Get the product from Aliexpress and post on your site.

Network marketing online for Multiple Streams Of Passive Income.

Selling some products that are normally done via multilevel marketing can also be done online. Due to this pandemic that continues to take its toll in business and lives it is a good idea that you switch to internet marketing. It help you to market your product and recruit your agent for your network marketing.

You don’t need any sales representative. Your website will be your sale representative and work for your on 24 x7.

As more and more people are suffering from coronavirus they will be less business activities offline compare to online business.

You can make use of free sites to post your product beside google business site. To name a few are like website Quora and Premium where you can post your blog related to product link.

👉Linktree  is also a good website for you to create some link for your products.

Posting your product on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are also getting more exposure for free.

Where to get product to sell

Unless you are creative you can make your own product to sell on line. To get product to sell are “MUOP” make use other people product like those from Oberlo, Kumoten, Onebuy, Aliexpress, Amazon, ebay and many more.

Affiliate products are really giving some handful income too. Physical products and eproduct from clickbank, jvzoo, digistore24,warriorplus, and involve are plenty to chose from.

Creating ebook to sell online are common too. Use this apps👉 Sqribble  to create your ebook and post it on👉 Gumroad for sell.

Multiple Streams of passive incomeI am just starting to share with you some tips to earn Multiple streams of  passive income by doing online or internet marketing. Scan the QR code for more tips.

There are many more such as teaching or training online such as 360training. Selling used items on Etsy site is also profitable.

With all these information you just need more time to set them up once. After that you may need one or two hours daily to do some update for your websites and product.

DO you believe in yourself?

If you and you will get more extra income by doing the above. Are you familiar with Clickfunnel? A similar website is doing the same capability. Check this 👉  website . Its is FREE.

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For foreigners who want to join as Superlife Seller member, please GO HERE TO FILL THIS FORM.

Join Superlane is a term to describe the fast track to  be financially dependent with your own effort.

price includes courier service.
Please do not use Postal address as P.O. Box.
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Affiliate Product’s target is rare near me.

Carefully Selected Affiliate Products

Affiliate product’s target are sometimes just like a mushroom. They appeared in some affiliate network for a short while and disappear within a month. These products listed below are carefully selected for potential clients and visitors alike. I do not keep any stocks of them because they are proprietary products and I am just part of them as an affiliate marketer. 

I make them convenient so that you just click on any images and that will lead you to their landing pages. Information on their landing pages are very informative especially their videos.

If you are like me who don’t like to read, the video are just as good or even better source of information about the products.  The good thing is if you buy any of them, I get a very very small commission☺️☺️ from them. 

I have an article about affiliate HERE 👈 and some related products for the shop and more at👉 

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Practical Tips on How to Trade Cryptocurrencies

practical tips- cryptocurrencies

The following Practical Tips on How to Trade Cryptocurrencies

Practical tips are required for you to excel in cryptocurrencies trading. There will be a SUMMIT  The 🤞Richdad Summit 🤞by the rich dad and poor dad in your area. You know who I mean it is Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. For quite a while, I have been intently watching the presentation of digital currencies to get a vibe of where the market is going. The schedule my primary teacher showed me-where you wake up, ask, brush your teeth and take your morning meal has moved a little to awaken, asking, and afterward hitting the web (beginning with coinmarketcap) just to know which crypto resources are in the red.

The start of 2018 was certifiably not a stunning one for altcoins and relatable resources. Their exhibition was disabled by the incessant assessments from brokers that the crypto bubble was going to blast. By the by, passionate digital money adherents are as yet “HODLing” on and believe it or not, they are harvesting large.

As of late, Bitcoin remembered to nearly $5000; Bitcoin Cash approached $500 while Ethereum discovered harmony at $300. For all intents and purposes, each coin got hit-separated from newcomers that were still in the energy stage. As of this composition, Bitcoin is in the groove again, and its selling at $8900. Numerous different cryptos have multiplied since the upward pattern began and the market top is resting at $400 billion from the ongoing peak of $250 billion.

On the off chance that you are gradually getting used to digital currencies and wish to turn into a fruitful dealer, the tips beneath will get you out.

These are the Tips

The most common practical tips come from Commonsense tips on the most proficient method to exchange digital forms of money

  • Start humbly

You’ve just heard that cryptographic money costs are soaring. You’ve additionally presumably gotten the news this upward pattern may not keep going long. A few downers, generally regarded financiers and market analysts typically proceed to term them as pyramid schemes with no steady establishment.

Such news can cause you to put resources into a rush and neglect to apply balance. A little examination of the market patterns and cause-commendable monetary forms to put resources into can promise you great returns. Whatever you do, don’t put all your well-deserved cash into these advantages.

  • Understand how trades work

As of late, I saw a companion of mine post a Facebook channel around one of his companions who proceeded to exchange on a trade he had zero thoughts on how it runs. This is a hazardous move. Continuously survey the site you mean to use before joining, or if nothing else before you begin exchanging. In the event that they give a fake record to mess with, at that point accept that open door to figure out how the dashboard looks.

  • Don’t demand exchanging everything

There are more than 1400 digital forms of money to exchange, yet it’s difficult to manage every one of them. Spreading your portfolio to countless cryptos than you can successfully oversee will limit your benefits. Simply select a couple of them, perused more about them, and how to get their exchange signals.

  • Stay calm

Digital currencies are unstable. This is both their bane and help. As a broker, you need to comprehend that wild value swings are unavoidable. Vulnerability over when to make a move makes one an inadequate dealer. Influence hard information and other exploration techniques to be certain when to execute an exchange.

Fruitful brokers have a place with different online gatherings where cryptographic money conversations with respect to advertise patterns and signals are examined. Of course, your insight might be adequate, yet you have to depend on different dealers for more important information.

  • Diversify seriously

Basically everybody will instruct you to extend your portfolio, yet nobody will remind you to manage monetary forms with genuine employments. There are a couple of bad coins that you can manage for fast bucks, however, the best cryptos to manage are those that take care of existing issues. Coins with genuine utilizations will in general be less unstable.

Try not to differentiate too soon or past the point of no return. Furthermore, before you make a transition to purchase any crypto-resource, guarantee you realize its market top, value changes, and day by day exchanging volumes. Keeping a sound portfolio is the best approach to procuring large from these computerized resources.

Do you have a site that requirements contributing or innovation content? Attempting to get an author that comprehends your necessities? Connect with me through Twitter or LinkedIn and I’ll get you out!

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Reading Head Start a rare early children education

Reading head start
Reading Head Start
Reading Head Start

Reading head start is an effective video learning system for young children and slow learner children.  The learning process is by hearing and touching that is why reading head start is very effective. This program helps the children and parents to :

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For more products to choose from go HERE to the online shop.

One day, as a small child, Thomas Edison came home from school and gave a paper to his mother.

He said to her, “Mom, my teacher gave this paper to me and told me only you are to read it. What does it say?”

Her eyes welled with tears as she read the letter out loud to her child…

Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have good enough teachers to train him. Please teach him yourself.”

Many years after Edison’s mother had died, he became one of the greatest inventors of the century

Now for the mind blowing part…

One day he was going through a closet and he found the folded letter that his old teacher wrote his mother that day.

He opened it…

The actual message written on the letter was: 

Your son is Mentally Deficient. We cannot let him attend our school anymore. He is Expelled.”

Waves of emotion washed over him and tears rolled down his cheek as he read the letter to himself. That very day, he wrote down in his diary…

Thomas A. Edison was a mentally deficient child whose mother turned him into the genius of the century.”

 id You Know?

Reading to your child raises their IQ by over
6 Points


Children without basic literacy skills when they enter school are
3 – 4 times
more likely to drop out


15 minutes per day of independent reading  = 1 million +
words in a year

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Listen, this true story is a perfect example that no teacher will ever care more about your child’s education than you as a mother

The most crucial thing we can do for our child is to teach them the joy of reading, at the earliest age possible.

This is an easy reading program designed specifically for mothers like you, to quickly have your child reading better than all other children their age.

Even if they’re as young as 2, don’t know their alphabet at all and currently show zero interest in reading whatsoever.

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Artificial Intelligent Gadgets Are Here Of Your Choices

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What Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Product

What Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process when you get connected with a product owner normally called a product creator. Upon an agreement with the creator then you are allowed to sell their products and you are paid by commission for every sale you make in a range of 12 -70 %. Normally the easily sell products or popular ones are paying a commission that is low. Check the product listing if you think that you can sell it first before committing. Don’t waste your time with unpopular ones.

How affiliate marketing works.

All the business processes to do with affiliates are done online. Make sure that your data line is good and computers are good. First thing is to imagine or think about what do you want to sell and what other people want to buy. That is the niche. Here are some steps to get started.

1.   You join this program as listed below.

2.   You pick a product to promote (You will get a unique affiliate link)

3.   You share the link via Social media, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook ads, or any other form. If you have a blog you can make a post about the product as well.

4.   When someone makes a purchase, you can earn a handsome commission.

Where to find or buy Affiliate products.

These are some of the lists for you to get started. Check on them on the website to contact to find the one suitable for you.

  1.  ShareASale 
  2. Commission Junction 
  3. Clickbank provides an affiliate program as well.
  4. ImpactRadius
  5. Partnerstack
  6. Refersion marketplace
  7. Awin 
  8. Avangate
  9. Rakuten
  10. Amazon provides Amazon affiliate program.
  11. Involve Asia also provide affiliate program including You can get a higher rejected rate here if you apply to become their product affiliate program. Products are mainly services including insurance, sports, training, and many more.
  12. JVZoo
  13. Digistore24
  14. CJ

An affiliate program with Amazon is the online platform that provides many amazon program link for its affiliate and amazon associates. This platform has a huge customer base and is available for anybody to search for them. The rest in the list also have many customers base product data but not as huge as amazon.

The next popular one is associated with Clickbank. Almost all of the above lists provide various types of associates programs, marketing programs, and affiliate programs.

To drive traffic to your links is a challenge. You need to spend on advertising or advertise on free adverting sites such as Adpost and click here. I am not a fan of email marketing but many have succeeded with it. To me, it looks like scamming people but it works.

Here is my list of related links for some of the most popular products. The products are listed on the main online shop.


You can have a look at this page for more affiliate products and online shops and at for more stories.

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Most Body Pain Can Be Treated Easily.

8 natural ways to treat body pain

Treat body pain with these eight natural ways besides over the counter medicines are 1.   Eucalyptus  2. Rosemary  3. Cloves  4. Lavender  5.  Peppermint  6. Ginger  7.  Turmeric  8.  EFT Tapping

The treatment can be done for shoulder pain, stiff neck, back pain, knee pain, muscular cramp, wrist pain, chest pain, headache, and much more body pain. There are many methods and many ways to do other treatments. The most common treatment is such as acupuncture, medical treatment( ointment, pills), traditional massage and even yoga. This article is just providing the readers with some achievable methods to DIY or do it yourself method at home. 

Benefits of natural methods

The main benefit is of course saving from spending on medical bills, gaining personal experiences, and no medical side effects. There are many scientific wonders that we have not to discover with nature. Here are the eight methods.

1. Treat body pain with Eucalyptus essential oil

The first treatment is using Eucalyptus essential oil. This is a herbal remedy from the Eucalyptus plant that helps reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation in the body. One of the 2013 studies found that inhaling eucalyptus oil relieved pain compared with almond oil. Participants inhaled eucalyptus oil for 30 minutes per day for 3 days. They were all recovering from knee replacement surgery.treat body pain with Eucalyptus

These are the DON’T:

Do not use eucalyptus oil for children or pets. Eucalyptus can trigger asthma. It is important to dilute it in a carrier oil before applying topically.

Do not diffuse eucalyptus in public. Eucalyptus essential oil is toxic if a person swallows it. Do a spot check to be sure that the skin is not going to react to eucalyptus applied topically.

2.Rosemary essential oil to treat body pain

Rosemary is another essential oil that may be used to treat body pain.

Some researchers state that the rosemary plant, Rosmarinus officinalis L., may help treat headache, muscle and bone pain, and seizures. Rosemary may also reduce inflammation, relax smooth muscles, and boost memory.treat body pain with rosemary

Dilute essential oils in a carrier oil such as olive oil. Use three to five drops of essential oil for each ounce of carrier oil.

The researchers suggest that the herb acts on receptors in the brain called opioid receptors, which are involved with the sensation of pain. A 2013 clinical trial found that rosemary oil reduced pain in people experiencing opium withdrawal.

3. Use Cloves to  treat body pain

People have traditionally used cloves, from the Eugenia caryophyllata plant, as a home remedy to relieve or treat body pain from toothache. clove

A 2006 study found clove gel to be as effective as benzocaine gel, which is a topical gel that dentists often use to reduce needle pain.

The researchers applied clove, benzocaine gel, or a placebo to the inside of the participants’ mouths. They reported lower levels of pain with both clove and benzocaine gels, but not with placebos.

More research is needed to see how effectively cloves could relieve other sorts of pain.

Researchers also believe that clove can have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral activity.

4. Use Lavender essential oil treat body pain

The lavender essential oil may help relieve or treat body pain naturally. Some people use lavender oil for pain relief, to help sleep, and to ease anxiety.treat body pain with Lavender

The study found that inhaling lavender oil may relieve pain associated with migraine headaches compared with a placebo.

Some research also suggests that lavender oil has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects in animals.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not currently regulate essential oil ingredients and dosages, so use them with caution. Always consult your doctor before using any new essential oils.

Do not ingest essential oils, as they can be toxic.

5. Peppermint essential oil 

Peppermint oil comes from the Mentha piperita L. plant.

Some research suggests that the peppermint plant has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and pain-relieving effects. The active compounds in peppermint oil include carvacrol, menthol, and limonene.treat body pain with papermint

People often use diluted peppermint essential oil as a topical treatment, meaning that they rub diluted oil into the area that feels achy or painful.

One 2015 review notes that people have traditionally used peppermint to relieve painful spasms and problems associated with arthritis.

The researchers also report that applying peppermint oil to the temples and forehead may relieve tension headache pain.

Avoid putting peppermint oil on broken skin. It can cause allergic reactions, so do a spot test before using peppermint oil on a painful area. Do not use peppermint oil around children.

6 Use Ginger 

Ginger, or Zingiber officinale, is a root that shows promise as a natural pain reliever.

A 2015 systematic review found that ingesting 2 grams of ginger per day modestly reduced muscle pain from resistance exercise and running when people took it for at least 5 days.

The researchers also suggest that ginger may accelerate recovery and reduce inflammation related to exercise.treat body pain wih ginger

Try including ginger in the diet by adding raw ginger to smoothies or teas. People can also use ginger supplements, which are available in health stores and online. However, the natural, fresh ingredient may be more healthful.

Always talk to a doctor before taking any new supplement. Dietary supplements can have side effects and may interact with existing medication.

7. Use Turmeric

Curcuma, the active ingredient in the spice turmeric, has pain-relieving qualities.treat body pain with Tumeric

A small-scale 2014 study found that Curcuma extract is as effective as ibuprofen for pain management in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis when a person takes it for 4 weeks.

Turmeric is also a common herbal remedy for reducing inflammation. To include turmeric in its natural form in the diet, try adding it to curries, smoothies, or juices.

8. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – By founder Gary Craig.

What is EFT tapping?
This is the physical method to treat body pain using Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure.

People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain. According to its developer, Gary Craig, a disruption in energy is the cause of all negative emotions and pain.

Though still being researched, EFT tapping has been used to treat people with anxiety and people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

How does EFT tapping work?
Similar to acupuncture, EFT focuses on the meridian points — or energy hot spots — to restore balance to your body’s energy. It’s believed that restoring this energy balance can relieve symptoms a negative experience or emotion may have caused.

Based on Chinese medicine, meridian points are thought of as areas of the body’s energy flow through. These pathways help balance energy flow to maintain your health. Any imbalance can influence disease or sickness.

Acupuncture uses needles to apply pressure to these energy points. EFT uses fingertip tapping to apply pressure.

Proponents say the tapping helps you access your body’s energy and send signals to the part of the brain that controls stress. They claim that stimulating the meridian points through EFT tapping can reduce the stress or negative emotion you feel from your issue, ultimately restoring balance to your disrupted energy.

EFT tapping in 5 steps
EFT tapping can be divided into five steps. If you have more than one issue or fear, you can repeat this sequence to address it and reduce or eliminate the intensity of your negative feeling.

  1. Identify the issue

In order for this technique to be effective, you must first identify the issue or fear you have. This will be your focal point while you’re tapping. Focusing on only one problem at a time is purported to enhance your outcome.

After you identify your problem area, you need to set a benchmark level of intensity. The intensity level is rated on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst or most difficult. The scale assesses the emotional or physical pain and discomfort you feel from your focal issue.

Establishing a benchmark helps you monitor your progress after performing a complete EFT sequence. If your initial intensity was 10 prior to tapping and ended at 5, you’d have accomplished a 50 percent improvement level.

  1. Test the initial intensity
  2. The setup

Prior to tapping, you need to establish a phrase that explains what you’re trying to address. It must focus on two main goals:

Treat body Pain using 8 pointEFT point to treat body pain

acknowledging the issues
accepting yourself despite the problem
The common setup phrase is: “Even though I have this [fear or problem], I deeply and completely accept myself.”

You can alter this phrase so that it fits your problem, but it must not address someone else’s. For example, you can’t say, “Even though my mother is sick, I deeply and completely accept myself.” You have to focus on how the problem makes you feel in order to relieve the distress it causes. It’s better to address this situation by saying, “Even though I’m sad my mother is sick, I deeply and completely accept myself.”EFT at the Head treat body pain

Treat Body Pain at the Head

  1. EFT tapping sequence

The EFT tapping sequence is the methodical tapping on the ends of nine meridian points.

There are 12 major meridians that mirror each side of the body and correspond to an internal organ. However, EFT mainly focuses on these nine Points showing for EFT12 Point To Start treat body pain

Treat Body Pain Point for eft

  1. Karate chop (KC): Small intestine meridian
  2. Top of the Head (TH): governing vessel
  3. Eyebrow (EB): bladder meridian
  4. Side of the eye (SE): gallbladder meridian
  5. Under the eye (UE): stomach meridian
  6. Under the Nose (UN): governing vessel
  7. Chin (Ch): central vessel
  8. Beginning of the collarbone (CB): kidney meridian
  9. Under the arm (UA): spleen meridian

Begin by tapping the karate chop point while simultaneously reciting your setup phrase three times. Then, tap each following point seven times, moving down the body in this ascending order:

2.Side of the eye
3.Under the eye
4.Under the nose chin
5. Beginning of the collarbone under the arm
6. After tapping the underarm point, finish the sequence at the top of the head point.

Treat Body Pain EFT point at foreheadEFT at Gorehead

While tapping the ascending points, recite a reminder phrase to maintain focus on your problem area. If your setup phrase is, “Even though I’m sad my mother is sick, I deeply and completely accept myself,” your reminder phrase can be, “The sadness I feel that my mother is sick.” Recite this phrase at each tapping point. Repeat this sequence two or three times

5. Test the final intensity

At the end of your sequence, rate your intensity level on a scale from 0 to 10. Compare your results with your initial intensity level. If you haven’t reached 0, repeat this process until you do.

Does EFT tapping work?
EFT has been used to effectively treat war veterans and active military with PTSD. In a 2013 study trusted Source, researchers studied the impact of EFT tapping on veterans with PTSD against those receiving standard care.

Within a month, participants receiving EFT coaching sessions had significantly reduced their psychological stress. In addition, more than half of the EFT test group no longer fit the criteria for PTSD.

There are also some success stories from people with anxiety using EFT tapping as an alternative treatment.

A 2016 review trusted Source compared the effectiveness of using EFT tapping over standard care options for anxiety symptoms. The study concluded there was a significant decrease in anxiety scores compared to participants receiving other care. However, further research is needed to compare EFT treatment with other cognitive therapy techniques.

The bottom line
EFT tapping is an alternative acupressure therapy treatment used to restore balance to your disrupted energy. It’s been an authorized treatment for war veterans with PTSD, and it’s demonstrated some benefits as a treatment for anxiety, depression, physical pain, and insomnia.

While there are some success stories, researchers are still investigating its effectiveness on other disorders and illnesses. Continue to seek traditional treatment options. However, if you decide to pursue this alternative therapy, consult with your doctor first to reduce the likelihood of injury or worsening symptoms.

Is there a connection in Affiliate Products.

Product creators invest a lot of resources to produce a product such as supplements and herbs. Physical therapy is of no exception. There are plenty of affiliate products that promote health-related to treatment without medicines. Most of them are distributed via affiliate and affiliate websites. Those are available in lazada affiliate products, amazon affiliate website, Clickbank, Commission junction, JvZoo, and many more. Below are some of the popular ones.

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