About Me

About me! I was having a nice work environment for a couple of donkey years where paper certificates were sometimes useful especially those related to the execution of task. But when it comes to your educational or academic paper, it was 60% unused. That is why I said a nice working environment.

I was made into redundant when the depleting market takes a bite in 2015 after a series of the bitten period during my career,  that was in 1996,2005, 2008, 2008, and 2015.

So since I have nothing to do at home, I started blogging and put in some realistic stuff such as affiliate products and open my discount shop one more Local Malaysian only and the other ( this site) for others. I will see if my visitors are from those countries not listed, I will add them.

Out there where thousands of online shops that offer some similar products. So I set up my Discount shop -YOE ( Your Own Effort ) except the affiliate products there cost are set by the product creators unless specifies.